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Slow Sales? Resurrect a Dead Style

All brands go through times where their revenue dips. Perhaps you invested in doing a big trade show or you made a big purchase with some new equipment. Your bank account is getting low and you need to have a major cash injection.

Instead of adding a brand new style or a new collection, why not resurrect one of your best sellers?

Consider changing the color or pattern or add some embellishments.

I am envisioning a style which has already been a bestseller for you and will probably continue to be one with a fresh new recoloring.

When I had my handbag company we had our best-selling bag which was called the San Antonio. I was so SICK of looking at the satchel. But it was our best-selling bag for years. We kept on changing the leather colors. We added different sizes. We changed the crystals to be actual stones on the bags. We added fringe etc etc.

But even though I was tired of looking at the bag, I knew that it was our bread and butter. We kept it in the line and it was a dependable seller always.

So if you need a sales boost or if your upcoming collection is not as strong as it can be, consider adding in a style that has been retired. Re-work the style or bring it back as is as a ‘vintage’ item!

Drop me a line and let me know if you do this and what the response is!

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