Courses Offered

Back to Basics

8-Week video series going over the basics of starting an accessory company.  Self-directed videos and handouts.  

4th Quarter Selling

3-part webinar to jumpstart your sales during the holiday season.  This course can and should be taken at any time during the year to gain momemtum in sales.  

Launch in 3 Days

Our latest program is for the individual who wants to start their company but doesn't know where to start. This 5-part video series will get your company up & running this wekeend! 

Is This You?


Do you have dreams of starting your own fashion company but do not know where to start?  Yes, it is overwhelming but we can help! 

Not Confident in Your Designs?

Every single designer becomes blocked or is unsure if their designs are good enough.  Let's work through that and make sure your designs are on-trend and find their right place in the marketplace.  

How Can I Make Money?

Let's make a solid plan for you so you can know when you can take the leap and have your company totally support.  It's OK to have this be your side gig, but let's work towards making it your full-time gig! 

Brands I Have Worked With

Download my FREE E-book

The Accessory Business 101 Handbook chronicles the tips and tricks (and mistakes) I learned over the years with my own handbag company.  Many of the lessons were expensive, some were humorous, but in the end I have a lot of knowledge I am happy to share with designers.  

Yes, I want the book!